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Manufacturer and distributor of protectors and safety products for the military industry. Armors, plates, ballistic helmets, vests, carriers and shields are available. Some products are made in the USA.

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Ballistic and Riot Shields. 85 products. Whether you're controlling a crowd, engaging in tactical simulation or out in the field, ballistic and riot shields are your first line of defense. Used by tactical teams, ballistic protection shields help deflect bullets and other projectiles aimed at the carrier.

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Ballistic Options (NIJ 0108.01 Standard) Level 3-A (44 Magnum SWC 240 gr, 9mm FMJ 124 gr) Level 3 Standard (7.62 NATO Ball M80 149 gr) Level 3 Ultralight (7.62 NATO Ball M80 149 gr) Level 3-Plus (7.62x39mm MSC 123 gr, 5.56x45mm M855 62 gr) Total Armor Area TAC-WALL™ 48: 7.3 square feet per shield TAC-WALL™ 56: 7.8 sqare feet per shield

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WUWEI POLICE EQUIPMENT Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Police Gear. Our company was founded in the year of 2007, now there are more than 154 employees. The factory area covers 18647 square meters.

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The Gentex Active Shooter Helmet Kit is a Tactical Ballistic Helmet (TBH) System pre-configured with the Ops-Core Multi-Hit Handgun Face Shield is ideal for quick use by Special Operations teams, law enforcement, and active shooter situations. (For law enforcement, the kit is meant to be stored in patrol vehicles for immediate access in ...

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Research Helmet manufacturers, distributors, resources, and products for police and law enforcement. Learn about new products from Max Pro Police Armor and MSA including ballistic helmets, safety gear, correctional attire, safety shields.

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Email:[email protected] Working Time: MON - FRI, 09:00-18:00 (GMT-7) Company Info. Company Info About Us Contact Us Payment Methods The MICH-style Helmet NIJ Threat Level Report The FAST-style Helmet NIJ Threat Level Report Ballistic Face Shield Testing Report Intellectual Property Rights Response To COVID-19

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The only armor that works is armor that is worn. The most comfortable vest is a vest that fits. GH Armor offers a wide range of sizing resources to ensure proper coverage, fit, and mobility. For full support, engage our sizing training or request a sizing kit.



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BULLETPROOF-IT Armor, Ballistic Shields, Helmets, Tactical Vests and other various armor solutions are designed to be versatile, efficient and most importantly, safe! We are continually researching and developing the best, most innovative design and implementation techniques in the modern Armor market.

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Body Armor and Ballistic Protection. Body armor is a type of protective clothing designed to deflect or absorb projectile attacks. While ballistic protection from firearm ammo is the primary use for body armor, the level of protection extends to absorbing stab impact from knives and from items being thrown in the direction of the wearer.

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Tactical Ballistic Shields Battle tested Bellfire Shields by Chase Tactical. Our ballistic shields have been battle tested in some of the harshest of conditions and are currently deployed with law enforcement SRT units throughout the U.S. and the world as well as: the U.S. Army, the United Nations, Mexican Federal Police, and Allied forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Police Dept in Ohio. "Thank you for manufacturing our customized riot shields so quickly" Sheriff Dept in Georgia. "Our SERT team needed some new ballistic helmets (III-A). EDI's tactical specialist helped us choose the best ballistic helmet for our team, and even sent us a T&E sample to try out."

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Point Blank Body Armor (PBBA) is recognized as one of the first companies in the United States to design and manufacture body armor. Since 1973, Point Blank has grown into an internationally diversified company with the most visible brand recognition, considered today to be the premier source of body armor systems in the world.

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CMC Government Supply is an authorized United Shield LE (Law Enforcement) Distributor in Dallas Texas. United Shield International is one of the leading manufacturers in the world of personal ballistic and fragmentation armor, helmets, protection and fragmentation equipment, with US headquarters in Traverse City, Michigan, USA, and design and manufacturing operations in Andover, Hampshire, in ...

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Police Vehicle Ballistic Armor Bulletproof Doors by Progard Police Vehicle Ballistic Armor Bulletproof Doors by Progard $1,912.00 Police Ballistic Bulletproof Door Panels by ProGard Available for Crown Victoria, Caprice, Charger, Impala, Interceptor Sedan, Interceptor SUV, Suburban and Tahoe Item is sold individually Pro-gard™ Ballistic Door ...

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NIJ Certified Body Armour. Our advanced custom sizing algorithms provide you with the most accurate fitting armour in the industry, guaranteeing maximum coverage and comfort. PRE Labs armour panels are transferable from one carrier style to another, allowing you to tailor your carrier to your operational needs.

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Welcome to my website! Before I introduce my products, please allow me to briefly introduce myself and the reason behind the creation of my Clear Ballistic Shields.I am a retired police officer with 35 years of experience from a large police agency in south Florida. 17 of these years were dedicated to SRT (SWAT) as an instructor and team member with over 650 call outs.

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INDUSTRY LEADING PROTECTION The risks in today's world call for protection against some of the harshest ballistic, blast and fragmentation threats. As a world leader in hard-armor technology, PROTECH is rapidly becoming the single-source provider of security solutions for government facilities, military installations,

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Corrections Body Armor. The Corrections1 Body Armor product category is a collection of information, product listings and resources for researching Body Armor, also known as Ballistic Vests, Flak Jackets or Ballistic Armor. It covers concealable armor, correctional armor, tactical armor, armor, K9 armor, ballistic shields, and ...

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Ballistic Club Police Military NIJ IIIA Bulletproof Helmet From $318.57. Quick Shop ... Ballistic Club FBK-1901 7.62mm Launcher Protection Ballistic Face Shield From $490.52. Quick Shop ... Returns & Refund Policy Size Guide Inquiry Distributor Get Cashback!

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Ballistic Club Police Military NIJ IIIA Bulletproof Helmet ... $769.00 Quick Shop Ballistic Club FBK-1901 7.62mm Launcher Protection Ballistic Face Shield From $490.52. Quick Shop Ballistic Club the FAST-style ballistic helmet Replacement Pad Kit ... Returns & Refund Policy Size Guide Inquiry Distributor Get Cashback! ...

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United Shield Level IIIA Police Tactical Shield - 20" x 16" $714.00 (Save $25.51) $688.49 United Shield Level IIIA Small Ballistic Shield w/ Viewport - 20inx34in $1,236.00 (Save $46.01) $1,189.99

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Become a Dealer. Thank you for your interest in becoming a dealer of Chase Tactical products. Chase Tactical is a leading manufacturer of tactical nylon products to the U.S. Military, Law Enforcement, and Government Agencies throughout the world. In the production of our nylon products we use only the highest quality U.S. sourced Mil-Spec ...

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Rockford, IL, Police Department. ... Ballistic Vest Saves Ill. Police Officer's Life Sept. 17, 2021. Vector Defensive Systems, LLC. Ballistic Shields Boston Police Department Using Life-Saving ...

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New 'origami-inspired' ballistic shield is lighter, more portable Blistering new report says Capitol Police ignored threats weeks before Jan. 6 attack Spotlight: Safariland products provide head-to-toe solutions for lifesaving products

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Anti-Ballistic Systems, LLC (A.B.S.) is a Sole Source Manufacturer and distributor of its own products. A.B.S. specializes in transparent ballistic protection and has its own line of clear ballistic shields, ballistic bunkers, windows and blast shield systems, as …

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Ballistic Shields TSI Type IIIA Shields. July 12, 2013 ... Suspect Wanted for Shooting Massachusetts Trooper Killed by Police in New York Dec. 4, 2020 ... Distributors. EMS / …

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Ballistic Shields Patriot3 Inc. Aug. 20, 2007 ... Boston Police Department Using Life-Saving Tool and Training to Protect Officers and De-Escalate Violence ... Distributors. EMS / …


BALLISTIC SOFT PANEL-RECTANGLE CUT 10"X12" size. $30.00 - $35.00 / Piece. 1 Piece (Min. Order) NIJ IIIA level the most Concealed BULLETPROOF T-SHIRT, BPV-TS01 BODY ARMOR. $80.00 - $199.00 / Piece. 1 Piece (Min. Order) 2018 hot sale NIJ Level IIIA Military Tactical bulletproof jacket,full body armor. $140.00 / Piece.

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Body Armor Direct is the #1 supplier of Government certified body armor to the general public and is manufactured and designed in Sunrise, FL, U.S.A.

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Body armor and related products for the Law Enforcement profession. Overt, Concealable, and Tactical armor options.


BALLISTIC SOFT PANEL-RECTANGLE CUT 10"X12" size. $30.00 - $35.00 / Piece. 1 Piece (Min. Order) NIJ IIIA level the most Concealed BULLETPROOF T-SHIRT, BPV-TS01 BODY ARMOR. $80.00 - $199.00 / Piece. 1 Piece (Min. Order) 2018 hot sale NIJ Level IIIA Military Tactical bulletproof jacket,full body armor. $140.00 / Piece.

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Bullet Proof Shields for Police, Military, Paramedic, by Propper, Armor Express, Find Low prices at 800-847-8762, shop for Carriers, Boots, Cloths and more.

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Ballistic Armor Shields for Law Enforcement by Propper, Armor Express. Find Low prices at 800-845-0045, shop for Ballistic Armor Shields and more.