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Boots definition, a servant, as at a hotel, who blacks or polishes shoes and boots. See more.

Jackboot Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

jackboot: [noun] a heavy military boot made of glossy black leather extending above the knee and worn especially during the 17th and 18th centuries. a laceless military boot reaching to the calf.

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Boot definition, a covering of leather, rubber, or the like, for the foot and all or part of the leg. See more.

Boot Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

boot: [noun] a fitted covering (as of leather or rubber) for the foot and usually reaching above the ankle.

Boots | definition of boots by Medical dictionary

boot [bo̳t] an encasement for the foot; a protective casing or sheath. Gibney boot an adhesive tape support used in treatment of sprains and other painful conditions of the ankle, the tape being applied in a basket-weave fashion with strips placed alternately under the sole of the foot and around the back of the leg. Unna's paste boot a dressing for ...

Boots - definition of boots by The Free Dictionary

Define boots. boots synonyms, boots pronunciation, boots translation, English dictionary definition of boots. n. 1. A durable covering for the foot and part or much of the leg, usually made of leather, fabric, plastic, or rubber. 2. A protective covering, especially...

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Boot may refer to any of the following: 1. Alternatively referred to as boot up or sometimes start up, booting is the process of powering on a computer and getting into the operating system. How to boot. If the computer is in working condition, it boots automatically after turning on the computer.

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A boot is a type of footwear.Most boots mainly cover the foot and the ankle, while some also cover some part of the lower calf.Some boots extend up the leg, sometimes as far as the knee or even the hip.Most boots have a heel that is clearly distinguishable from the rest of the sole, even if the two are made of one piece.Traditionally made of leather or rubber, modern boots are …

Boot - definition of boot by The Free Dictionary

Define boot. boot synonyms, boot pronunciation, boot translation, English dictionary definition of boot. protective footgear covering the foot and part of the leg: Be sure to wear boots in the woods. Not to be confused with: beaut – someone or something that is...

Bootstrap Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

bootstrap: [noun] a looped strap sewed at the side or the rear top of a boot to help in pulling it on.

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(n)(v)Military term: 1. Used to describe someone who is right out of boot camp and or their MOS school; 2. one who is unexperienced; 3. usually the target of hazing; 4. One who is still stuck in boot camp mode.

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Boot: When you boot a football, you kick it really far. When you boot a computer, you simply turn it on. Kicking your computer really far is not recommended, though you may be tempted to do so at times. The term "boot" comes from the word "bootstraps," which people at one time used to get their boots on. Likewise, "booting" a computer gets it ...

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boot definition: 1. a type of shoe that covers the whole foot and the lower part of the leg: 2. a type of special…. Learn more.

Boots Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

boots: [noun, plural in form but singular or plural in construction] a servant who shines shoes especially in a hotel.