Medium OD Green MSA ACH Ballistic Military Advanced Combat Helmet MICH Mid-Cut. $579.99. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. Seller 99.9% positive Seller 99.9% positive Seller 99.9% positive. Description. eBay item number: 1. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.

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Viper Premium Helmet Cover - Full Cut. $69.32. Features a mesh covering for auxiliary camouflaging, cable runs to reduce snagging, elastic accessory loops, and multiple secure hook-and-loop attachment points with high pull strength.


Compatible MICH/ACH and PASGT/RBR helmets Compatible MICH/ACH and PASGT/RBR helmets Compatible with three-hole helmets Compatible with one or three-hole and ECH helmets. 3 WWW.WILCOXIND.COM 603.431.1331 NIGHT VISION MOUNTING SYSTEMS / SHROUDS COLORS: -B -T -G -F PART NUMBER DESCRIPTION NSN NUMBER

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Military Export Liscence: Yes Bolt or Boltless of Ballistic Helmet: as Per Army and Police Tender Shape of Ballistic Helmet: Pasgt Helmet, Ach Helmet, Mich Helmet, Fast Helmet Level of Ballistic Helmet: Nij Iiia Level Bullet to Resist of Ballistic Helmet: 9mm, .357, .44mag Material of Bulletproof Helmet: Ballistic Aramid or UHMWPE

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These helmets are designed for maximum comfort and protection, and incorporate the latest technology in ballistic composite construction. We offer a range of helmet options to suit your mission needs, with varying weights and protection levels. The Gentex TBH helmets offer a cutting-edge design based on the ACH geometry.

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The Advanced Combat Helmet (also referred to as MICH) is the current standard for most military operators. It's weight is lighter than the PASGT infantry helmet, 2.8 to 3.8 pounds depending on size, with added features to integrate communications devices and NVG brackets. The helmet shell trim also eliminates the front beak and has a higher ...

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PASGT helmets have a brim in the front. Also, these are "full" or "low cut". High cut means the side ears are removed. Edit looked at the picture on my computer. This is a Mid cut "2002" ACH. MICH. ACH is the army issued version of the MICH 2000. The MICH 2001/2002 were never issued under the ACH program. Ah, thank you for the explanation of ...

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Rabintex's Shachar Bernard: The R-ACH helmet is made of armored fiber, and its purpose is to bring to the market the best ballistic performance available but at a reduced weight.American combat soldiers in hot spots around the world will be safer next year, thanks to a new lightweight anti-fragment helmet developed by Israeli manufacturer Rabintex Industries Ltd.

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MSA X-Large Army Gunfighter Mid Cut Helmet ACH 2002 TC2002 Helmet Tan nvg . $999.99. $22.50 shipping. Olive Drab Ballistic Helmet DIAL Retention System Harness M L XL ACH ECH FAST ... H-Nape Chin Strap Retention Advanced Combat Helmet ACH Tan-499 Small-X-Large NWT. $25.00. Free shipping. Army ACH Reversible Helmet Cover Woodland Desert 101 ...

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This helmet is high-cut at the ears which give you room for hearing protection or communication equipment. This gives a lightweight ballistic helmet, so you also can attach accessories on the rail system on the side of the helmet, with a Picatinny Rail Adapter included for all our helmets. Also, there is an integrated Night Vision Goggle Mount ...

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The IHPS product specification has a new requirement for a helmet that can perform at an impact velocity of 14 feet per second (fps) while not compromising performance at the traditional impact velocity of 10 fps, based on the Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) standard (AR/PD 10-02).

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ACH / MICH, PASGT & High Cut Note: Export of Helmets with Rails and/or NV Shrouds from the U.S. requires an export permit Ballistic Helmets (aka Kevlar ® Helmets) offer good ballistic protection from Fragmentation and most pistol caliber threats which is why you …

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Home > Protection > Helmet Accessories We found 54 results matching your criteria. Find by Pricing Below 39 (10) 39 to 91.99 (10) 92 to 171.99 (10) 172 and Above (24) Find by Brand ArmorSource (1) Knights Armament (1) Ops-Core (15) Peltor (1) Wilcox (36)

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A: This MICH/ACH ballistic helmet offers IIIA+ (aka 3A+) protection. This means that it rises to, then goes above and beyond in performance compared to most other helmets on the market. Our helmets are capable of taking multiple strikes, stabbings, shrapnel, etc.

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The MICH HIGH CUT ACH BALLISTIC HELMET at ACH weight offers rifle bullet protection from 7.62 x 51 mm M80 NATO Ball round, V0 at 2200 fps. To add to its high ballistic protection, it provides a V50 for 17 grain FSP ≥ 3281 ft/sec (1000 m/sec). Manufactured with Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene material (UHMWPE) it is designed for ...

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EXFIL ® Ballistic Ear Covers (set of two) provide scalable ballistic protection and are quickly and easily installed without tools onto any EXFIL ® Ballistic or EXFIL ® Ballistic SL helmet.. Provides total additional coverage area of 136 cm 2 (21.1 in 2).; In combination with EXFIL ® Ballistic or EXFIL ® Ballistic SL helmet, provides comparable or greater coverage than a full cut ACH ...

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Item#: SAW-MaritimeMSRP: $619.99Usually ships in 2-3 Business days depending on availability. The SAW-Maritime Ballistic Super High-cut Operator Helmet system, designed and produced to replace the older model MICH 2000, and 2001 helmets. The SAW-Maritimeprovides improved performance with reduced weight over the previously issued helmets.The base material of the helmet is a state-of-the …

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The ECH helmet is similar to the ACH helmet but is thicker and uses thermoplastic material that provides better protection against small arms and fragments. The ECH has a higher cut and is more "tactical" because it allows for the attachment of night vision and communications.

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Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) − the European public procurement journal. 275966-2020 - Poland-Warsaw: Military helmets

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About. The Striker ACH™ (Advanced Combat Helmet) is our flagship ACH standard cut helmet. The ACH protects from level IIIA threats including frag and has been tested to NIJ Standard 0106.01. Made from Hybridized Kevlar® and UHMWPE Spectra fibers, the ACH comes standard with D30 TRUST Stealth 7 pad system and multiple harness options available.

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Introducing the (SA-WLWBH) the Worlds Lightest Weight Ballistic Helmet. At only 2.2 lbs.* this helmet reduces the weight of a full coverage helmet by more than 30% while still surpassing the ballistic protection of the Lightweight ACH helmet offered today. While providing extremely high protection against a wide spectrum of small fragments, as well as, handgun bullets, this...

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ACH MICH 2000 Full Cut NIJ IIIA Ballistic Bulletproof Helmet. Regular price $449.00. Impax LBH Lightweight Special Forces Cut NIJ IIIA Ballistic Bulletproof Helmet. Regular price $549.00. DLP Tactical ImpaX Extreme Bump Helmet. From $139.95. DLP Tactical ImpaX Pro Bump Helmet. From $129.95. DLP Tactical ImpaX Recon Bump Helmet.

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Tactical Matte PVS-7 PVS-14 Night Vision Goggle Mount for MICH/ACH/PASGT Helmet . $12.90. Quickview. Add to Wish List. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. Tactical NVG PVS-7 14 Goggle Helmet Rhino Arm Mount . $24.90. Quickview. Add to Wish List. Add to Cart. Add to Compare ...

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1. Low-Cut Ballistic Helmets for the Military. The BTE® Ballistic Helmet is a low-cut MICH- or ECH-style helmet. The low cut means this helmet comes down on the sides to cover the ears. That extra coverage is helpful in some scenarios, and while the additional material of low-cut styles can mean extra weight, our helmet's DuPont™ Kevlar ...

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for Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) • Graphic Training Aid GTA 07-08-001, ACH and PASGT Proper Wear and Adjustment See PS 626, page 53 for pad NSNs Standard pad configuration 642.54-55.indd 1-2 3/31/06 3:48:44 PM

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Ballistic Club MICH 2000 Style ACH Tactical Helmet with NVG Mount and Side Rail $178.74. $249.99 Quick Shop -17% Ballistic Club Legacy MICH High Cut Ach Level IIIA Ballistic Helmet $665.13. $796.98 Quick Shop Ballistic Club Protection Group Denmark Arch …

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You could do Revision combo interlocking rails and shroud with the one hole ACH and their premium full cut helmet cover. That gives a finish that wont scrtach up, velcro for whatever, real ARC licensed rails, a good shroud with 3 points to anchor to without leaving a hole in the middle by adding a 3 hole for a 3 hole shroud.

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Ops-Core Sentry LE Mid Cut Helmet. Includes Helmet Bag

Mid cut, medium weight, ballistic shell made of Monolithic Aramid. Provides equivalent head coverage in a mid cut design to US Army ACH helmet. Features an Ops-Core 3-Point Skeleton Shroud for universal capability with most NVG mounts, Ops-Core ARC Rails with hook bungees, and external VELCRO ® …

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More and more units are starting to implement comms for everyone, and if you are stuck with an ACH or mid-cut helmet we are sorry. Get some gel pads for the headset and try to enjoy the squeeze. If you, however, have an above the ear cut helmet, get yourself some adapters to mount directly on the rail.

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what Kustom ACH does. Kustom ACH operates to provide owners of ACH/MICH and ECH ballistic helmets a high cut and mid cut option for their current ballistic helmets. The options don't stop at the cut and seal job though, Kustom ACH also preps and paints, 3 hole drills, modifies covers and provides options for rails, shrouds and suspensions.

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It is possible to cut down a MICH/ACH but worth it - I doubt it other than cool factor if it comes out looking decent.. if your on a budget & need Ballistic protection (3A on current issued Helmets) stick with your untouched MICHACH For fun cut up a PASGT :) . just my opinion. Posted: 1/11/2013 11:00:12 AM EDT.

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ACH/MICH Mid Cut Ballistic Helmet. The ACH/MICH Mid Cut Helmet was designed to replace the in service PASGT helmet. The ACH/MICH high cut share many of the same features as the ACH/MICH helmet but offers a raised "above the ear" protection for integration with communications equipment, gas masks and especially helmet mounted night vision goggles.

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Full-Cut w/Dial Retention, D3O, 7-Pad, NVG Mount The L110 Combat II ballistic helmet at ACH weight offers rifle bullet protection from 7.62 x 51 mm M80 NATO Ball round, V0 at... Ceradyn-10045400

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8 models Team Wendy EXFIL Ballistic Helmet with Shroud, Boltless LED Retention As Low As (Save Up to 16%) $1,139.00 Free 2 Day Shipping. 0. 6 models Shellback Tactical Level IIIA Ballistic High Cut SF ACH Helmet (2) As Low As (Save Up to 24%) $559.99 Free 2 Day Shipping. 0.

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ACH/MICH helmet shape; Superior comfort padding system; Strong multilayered construction; Read more. Hard Armor Explained. For protection from rifle rounds, such as 7.62×39 AK-47 MSC and .30 M2 AP you will need level III or IV hard armor plates. The higher velocity that these long gun rounds generate is one of the main reasons that those ...

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【158】Helmet Camp Tactical Level IIIA Ballistic High Cut SF ACH Helmet From $158.00-12% Sold Out MIRA SAFETY CM-6M GAS MASK $350.00. $399.00 -31% Sold Out MIRA SAFETY CM-7M GAS MASK $450.00. $650.00 We Work to Keep You Safe, America. Men and women of America trust us to get them the best bulletproof helmets FAST: ...