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PATRIOT ballistic bulletproof vest. Constructed by high quality material, Including two(2x) front and back ballistic plates in sizes 10×12″ or 11×13″, Approximate weight: 7.3kg (16 lbs)*

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VestGuard UK Body Armour Vest Hard Armour Plate Ballistic Helmet Military Police Law Enforcement Humanitarian Maritime Security Press Media Personal Protection Equipment Home Office NIJ Tested CAST. MADE IN THE UK: EXPRESS DELIVERY: WORLDWIDE SHIPPING: BULK DISCOUNTS .

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For instance, when choosing a stab vest or bullet proof vest, the most important measurement is your chest. We do offer a range of lengths. Please include on the checkout page in the comments box what length you require (Short/ Regular/ Long), or measure from the top of your sternum, to how far you would like the vest to go down and provide this in the comments box ( max lengths of vest tend ...

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Body Armour & Stab Vests. At Police Supplies, we understand that safety is your top priority. This is why we offer a range of body armour and stab proof vests that provide different levels of protection, from simple KR1 stab vests to NIJ IIIA ballistic resistance vests.

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For many in the Police, stab proof vests will be the most basic protective equipment required. This is not because they are commonly used, but because they are the most common weapon available. Unlike elsewhere in the world, firearms are very rare in the UK and the majority of Officers are unlikely to face firearms.

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As a subsidiary of the well-known Mehler Vario System, you will receive from us your ballistic protection vest individually tailored to you on the basis of the dimension sheet and 10 years warranty on your ballistics! Our protection packages are certified with SK1, NIJ 3A or HSDOB according to your choice. We offer stab protection separately or as a combination package.

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VestGuard UK Ltd Body Armour Vest Hard Armour Plate Ballistic Helmet Military Police Law Enforcement Humanitarian Maritime Security Press Media Personal Protection Equipment Home Office NIJ Tested. DSTL

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With a 150,000 square metre factory, producing our own ballistic materials, we can fulfill large orders fast while maintaining quality and consistency of product. As a British joint venture company, we understand the requirements and of and how to communicate with Western customers.

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Police Vests. The whole range of Police Equipment Vest Systems are suitable to be worn with or without Body Armour. Our range Including Tacvests and Mini Tacvests each with both black and Hi-visibility options. Our universal baton keeper means that our vests are suitable for all Bonowi, Monadnock, Autolock, Asp and Casco batons.

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Fortress Armour is a UK supplier of body armour and ballistic protection products. Our armour is commonly referred to as a "stab vest" or "bullet proof vest" as those terms are more known to the general public. Our leading product is our soft body armour package which offer knife and ballistic protection in a fully adjustable concealed ...

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Ballistic Vests. Ballistic vests, often referred as "bulletproof vests," are designed specifically for firearm projectile resistance. Protection is provided by armor plating, which is already sewn into the vest or by adding ballistic plates to vests designed to accommodate armor plating.

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Ex Police Aegis Hawk Body Armour Ballistic Stab Vest Grade B from £35.95 CONDITION : Used - Grade B - Items with noticeable signs of previous use which may include small tears, faded patches, stains or other signs of use...

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A combo NIJ II vest will protect from knife and low level ballistic (9mm and shotgun). Remember that it only protects the vest area, you've plenty of vital bits that won't be protected. You would be looking at paying over £300 to get a decent one. You can get cheaper but they are not worth it. Whatever you do, do not buy a second hand one.

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Kevlar Body Armour. Our ballistic vests are, like Kevlar body armour vests, made of a composite material that is layered up to provide an extremely strong level of protection that has been tested and certified by the UK Home Office. Our bullet vests also …

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IWEAPONS® Ultra-Thin UK Police Bulletproof Vest IIIA / 3A. This bulletproof vest type is popular with UK police forces. This vest fully adjustable to fit the wearer in any position even when he is sitting in the vehicle. For complete ballistic protection the front and rear ballistic soft armor panels consist from one whole unit for extreme safety.

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Jack Ellis Body Protection - Police Body Armour is designed to meet the exacting HOSDB body armour standard and is manufactured from premium materials. Our Body Armour is optimised for both performance and comfort.

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Concealable body armor vests are designed to protect the users torso from pistol and handgun fire while remaining inconspicuous to others. These bulletproof vests are typically worn under the uniform allowing the end user to stay protected while maintaining a professional appearance. CompassArmor is a leading manufacturer and supplier of concealable armor to security, law enforcement, and ...

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The related Vest page,you can find more similar Vest from DEEKON,china Vest manufacturer,We provide you excellent products buy services.

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Today we are an established supplier to police forces across the United Kingdom and offer an extensive range of products including body armour, ballistic hard armour plates, tactical load carriage vests, ballistic helmets, equipment pouches, lightweight ballistic shields and specialist items such as blankets and unloading bags.

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In addition to news and developments in the body armor industry we are also centralizing information on all body armor manufacturers right here. This resource can be used for numerous purposes and will be updated on a regular basis. If you would like to …