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"The most recent Natick report raises questions as to why the Army's Program Executive Soldier rejected the Marine desert digital, MultiCam and Desert Brush patterns in 2004 and chose the UCP for its Army Combat Uniform, a decision that resulted in $5 billion in uniform and equipment costs."

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Matrix Deluxe ACU Style Combat Uniform Set - OD Green . View + Color Options. $74.95 LBX Tactical Camouflage Combat Shirt . No reviews yet. View + Color Options. $79.20 - $124.00 EmersonGear Blue Label Combat Pants w/ Integrated Knee Pads . View + Size Options. $79.95 Tru-Spec Tactical Response Uniform Cold Weather 1/4 Zip Combat Shirt ...

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Once stained like that the ACU's actually work decently but are still pretty obvious in a forest setting because of their contrast. Posted: 10/28/2010 7:16:43 PM EST I dyed 3 sets with Forest Green Rit dye, using Hot water and lots of Salt.

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My ACU uniform dyed with Rit Apple Green looks very much like your olive drab uniform linked above. I know what you mean about used ACU uniforms. I hat to go through a ton of clothing items to get one each cap, combat shirt, coat, and pants that actually fit me. OTOH, more average-sized folks would have a field day in my local surplus shop.

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In this video we will cover the process to dye the standard Army issue UCP uniform to an effective tropical color using Apple Green Rit liquid dye . To see ...

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The ACU uniforms I showed above are made in Mil-spec 50:50 NyCo ripstop cloth. 99% of military uniforms made these days in this material are printed in some type of camouflage. Your best bet would be something like TAD (top end outdoor and tactical apparel maker) which uses 52:48 Nylon/Cotton ripstop mix which although not mil-spec it holds ...

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BDS Tactical Gear items have been manufactured in Oceanside Ca since 2005. Owned and operated by a former Recon Marine and Baltimore City PD officer. Our products can be found all around the world at your local Marine Corps exchange and Army and Airforce Exchanges.

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Experimenting with green color dye and giving this uniform a more effective camo.My Instagram:https://

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ACU/UCP is a horrible pattern and I'm glad you took initiative to change it & make it work for you. I've dyed several fabric items in the past and found that it usually has a harder time dying synthetic fabrics like nylon or pvc -- the dye usually takes much easier to cotton or cotton-blend fabrics like the ACUs themselves.

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Way back when we made our black SWAT uniforms out of BDUs and black RIT dye, worked rather well but you could still see a pattern on the cloth. ... The brown was tan/rust color. Different looking. Dying ACU's would be interesting. I would try brown or drk green dye on them. Pathfinder Ops. 03-26-10, 16:03. I tried this thinking I would dye them ...

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The reason for asking about this is that a LOT of ACU uniforms and gear will hit the surplus market in the future, as the Mil transitions to other color/pattern uniforms and gear. A lot of surplus buyers will want to dye their uniforms/gear to improve on the ACU pattern, and they should know, in advance of purchase, whether or not dyeing will ...

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It was stirred regularly while dying, no added salt or vinegar. Seemed to me to be a bit of a crap shoot. View Quote. Was it faded on one side from use? Some of my ACU uniforms have faded noticably. Watch this space. In the meantime - be evil. raf. Sr. Staff, Armory and Outdoors Communities Joined May ...

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We'd been issued the OCP uniform for that trip but all our gear was old LBE woodland stuff. I'd found a mud encrusted coyote brown Tactical Tailor battle belt at a surplus store for $5 that cleaned up well, and figured a dye job would better integrate the ACU stuff I wanted to put on it.

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Dying ACUs. Most of us can agree that ACUs have limited practical applications; I've found they do okay in Iraq, some urban environments, are really good in sage brush, and that's about it. I was looking for some ideas for getting …

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Tru Spec makes ACU cut uniforms in other colors than the Army digital, just get some in OD grean or MARPAT digital as suggested. Dying them doesn't work I've tried it, just f's them up and makes them unusable.

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2,595 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Oct 19, 2017. A good way to get subdued clothing and tactical gear like pouches and vests is to use Rit Dye. The ACU camo pattern sucks in my opinion but you can get the uniforms and MOLLE gear at a reasonable price and to make it blend into the woodland environment is to dye it another color like OD Green.